The LÔA Lifestyle

“ Before LOA, I wasn’t satisfied with where I was. I lacked the knowledge and discipline necessary it would take to get where I wanted to be. My heart was deconditioned. My willpower was weak and my body didn’t reflect what I wanted to see in the mirror.  I wanted someone to take a look at me as a whole and equip with the wisdom and truth needed to strengthen not just my body but my mind and my spirit.”

The LÔA Lifestyle

A community of women, building integrity through unity and accountability. 

LÔA was created to address the problem of women who are feeling out of balance; unsupported, and misaligned and short of both time and breath. The women to whom the term "self care" is fanciful. We believe that most women take care of themselves in one aspect or another, but humans are complex, and taking care of the bodies we have requires a holistic approach. We see women who are stressed out, tired, frustrated, unhappy with their bodies, overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to do and don't know where to start. So they start somewhere and then stop, and repeat.

We believe that a choice is only as good as it's consistency.

We aim to create an environment where members are inspired to create SMART goals, educated and equipped with what's needed to get there, and dedicated to the work necessary in order to achieve them.

Precision Nutrition certified trainers use the most advanced nutrition software to guide you daily in creating new habits and introducing thought patterns to guide you into a healthy relationship with food.With an agreement between trainer and client, a strategic plan is made for each step of the actions necessary to get to the goal and the client is held accountable by the trainer on a daily basis, regardless of how many days they meet to train. Fitness cannot be achieved by simply working out more, but with small changes to mindset, movement and nutrition implemented by habit based coaching, you can transform your body forever.

The Personal Training Program at LOA is designed to elevate your life. It's made complete by combining nutritional coaching with personalized movement programs and spiritual development that sharpens and renews the mind.

We serve the women of the community by teaching of the four pillars of wellness; mindset, nutrition, movement and regeneration. We don't just exercise, and we don't just tell you how to eat well. We inspire you to move and equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to life a powerful, vibrant life. 

LOA Body & Spirit