Hi! I’m Christina.

I’m a California girl with a heart made for God + people, a body made for music + movement and a mouth made for delicious food & drinks. I went from LA -> NYC -> HTX where I now live happily married and madly in love with the most incredible man on earth.

I’m on a mission to inspire busy women to care for their mind, body and spirit so they can confidently pursue the purpose they were made for.

I grew up in Palm Springs, CA and have always loved dance, fitness and yoga. After chasing perfection as a professional dancer, I finally realized that for me, perfection is found not in physical beauty or in nutritional excellence, its being united in mind body and spirit with a strong understanding of who you are and what you were made for.

LOA exists to build a community of strong, active, healthy women who recognize they are powerful and purposed. We are rooted on a firm foundation with a fierce passion for love.


She is a woman who wants to live and love with all of her heart, mind, soul and stregnth. She doesn’t have it all together, and she doesn’t need to pretend like she does. She is free from the idea of perfection and instead, intentionally cares for her body and spirit. She embraces the truth that she is loved, powerful and purposed. She works hard with enthusiasm because she’s got audacious faith. She is confident, healthy, strong and courageous. She’s you & she’s me.