Powered By love

You can expect to smile, sweat, and leave feeling better than you did when you walked in. Classes run between 45 - 60 minutes, and incorporate a full spectrum of fitness experiences, from calming and restorative classes to high energy sweat parties. Workouts are always evolving and classes are strategically created to complement one another and introduce your body to all the movement it needs. Our intention is to keep your heart strong, and your mind at peace, and your body moving with with power and grace .

We recommend consistently taking 3-4 classes a week to get the maximum benefit of our program.




LOAFIT | Our signature class is designed to reenergize your mind, strengthen your body and refresh your spirit. the perfect combination of Strength + Stretch for incredible calorie blasting experience. The class is high energy, fast paced and created to leave you feeling confident, energized and radian. It's a non-impact workout that'll tone & sculpt your body.  You can expect a core based work out that targets deep muscles in every part of the body to make you stronger, improve your posture, and enhance your mind-body connection.  

LOAFIERCE | This heart pounding, total body workout is fast paced and super sweaty.  Our rhythm based high intensity interval class is inspired by the music and powered by love. From Afrobeats to Beyonce, you'll get lost in the music and walk away feeling radiant and energized.

Yoga at LOA | Yoga is a sanskrit word that means "union with God." In a traditional yoga class, "god" may be one of many, but at LÔA, we believe there is only one God eternally existing in three forms as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that we were created to have fellowship with God, so LÔA yoga creates a safe and sacred environment to experience the presence of God outside of a church, completely devoid of religion. Reenergize your mind, strengthen your body and nourish your spirit.  Enjoy a mindful hour of stretching with the intention of reconnecting your body and spirit. Each class begins with 5 minutes of meditation & reflection so we encourage you to bring a journal and a pen.

LOAFLOW This class is designed to align your body and restore your spirit. Move through a sequence of creative movements and mindful transitions that connect your body with your breath.  Perfect for anyone looking to relieve stress and tension.