Do everything in Love.
— 1 Corinthians 16:4



We have found...

Our thoughts create our reality.

We approach health considering the whole person, and how she interacts with her environment and emphasize the connection of body and spirit because they coexist to create our reality. The goal is to live life well, and in order to do that, we have to accept responsibility for our own level of well-being, and make a personal commitment to applying the wisdom we've attained to the everyday choices we make. So let's do it together.

For every woman, self care looks different. For some it looks like dancing.  Hanging out with girlfriends. Doing hair and makeup. Getting your workout on. Reading a book. Worshipping with arms outstretched and heart wide open. Doing yoga.  Sitting cozy with a cup of coffee in hand. Having a glass of wine, or a few. Traveling to new places and making new friends. Or sitting on the couch, alone, in silence. | The heart of LÔA is to foster relationship, and provide a space for all of your favorite things under one roof, within an awesome community.  We are fiercely passionate about loving one another, but it all starts with loving One.