Name *
I am a Christian
I want to improve my nutrition habits
Childcare during workouts is important to me
I prefer to workout in a class setting
I love the idea of combining faith + fitness
My favorite form of Social Media is
I search for new products and services on
I like to workout to
Choose all genres that apply
I prefer to workout in a boutique studio rather than a gym
I am a member of a church.
I am actively involved in the community.
I would like to gather with like minded women on a consistent basis.
I would like to participate in Girls Night Out events.
I would drive to West Pearland for an awesome workout.
I would like to make time to workout three times a week.
I would like to have an accountability partner.
Working out is important to my overall wellness.
I would workout more if I had a girlfriend to workout with me.
ex. laziness, not a priority, tired, no childcare, rather be watching netflix
ex. daily quiet time + workout 3x/week + mani-pedi once a month + hair appt. every two months + vacation twice a year
I want to be a part of a tribe of women that love God, live according to their purpose and move daily.