powered by love.


what makes us different

  • Inviting CHRIST.  This isn't about religion, its about relationship. We invite you to come as you are and experience love. Whether you’re a Christian, have differing beliefs, or no beliefs at all; in every class at LÔA is powered by love. No judgement. No shame. No comparison. You'll be encouraged and inspired to seek God, to care for yourself and love others. 

  • Intimate COMMUNITY.   We're familiar with each other because we spend time together - we talk. Yes we're a fitness community but we don't just talk about fitness, we talk about life - friendship, family, hardships, goals & accomplishments. The best things in life are the relationships you care enough about to nurture. 

  • Holistic BALANCE.  We draw from a toolbox of fitness methods to quiet your mind, strengthen your body, & improve flexibility with an intentional and functional approach towards everyday life. We're always creating fun, safe, and effective ways to allow you move better, eat better, and live vibrantly.

  • Inspiring INSTRUCTORS. The instructors at LÔA are gifted fitness professionals with an educational background in anatomy and kinesiology and specialists with expertise in functional strength training,  pre/postnatal fitness, barre, yoga, dance, and more.  More importantly, they will equip you with knowledge, remind you of what you’re hoping for and inspire you to live life on purpose.

  • Curated MUSIC . The music at LÔA is fire.  We collaborate with Houston's best Dj's to curate playlists that will introduce you to new sounds and transport you to a place where your goals are your reality.

  • Constantly TRANSFORMING.  Classes are designed to build, evolve and advance over the course of each month.  We set a foundation and continue building on it, taking your fitness to new levels, step by step. As you consistently take classes, you’ll begin to see the results of your own transformation within a few weeks.